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Caring for your Jewellery


  • Over time any sterling silver jewellery exposed to air will tarnish, so polish your jewellery regularly.
  • The easiest way is to use a silver polishing cloth

Wear it

  • The more you wear your jewellery the more friction occurs and the more friction, the less tarnish.

  • Always put your jewellery on last, as perfumes, creams and makeup all add to the grime on your jewellery.

Remove & Store

  • Remove your silver jewellery when sleeping, bathing, exercising and swimming.

  • Store each piece of silver separately, either in a jewellery box or with separate soft cloths.


  • Never expose your silver jewellery to household cleaners and other harmful chemicals, which include:

    • Chlorine

    • Chloride

    • Bleach

    • Solvents

    • Detergents

    • Dissolvents

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