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Ring Size Guide

Finding the perfect size depends on the shape of your finger, size of your knuckles, width of the ring and how you like to wear your rings. However, an easy way to determine your ring size is with a measuring tape.


- To measure simply place the measuring tape around the finger where you want the ring and make a note of the measurement in mm

- Make sure you can move the tape measure up and down the finger, like you would with a ring

- This measurement will corresponds to the inside circumference of your ring size (which is the full inner circle measurement)

- It always good to cross check with a ring that fits you by measuring the inside diameter, ie use a ruler to measure a straight line across    the middle of the ring from the inside edges

- Both measurements should match in the below table


If you are unsure about your size you can have your finger sized by a local professional jeweller, however, please note different ring sizers can vary slightly so it's important to have the internal circumference measurement.

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